Transocean Fortune Integrator (Energy)

TFI (Energy) is a true Singaporean brand name, leveraging on the ‘can do, do it better’ spirit. With its close rapport and support from local government, marrying its strong knowledge-based multi-discipline resources based in Singapore, TFI (Energy) aims to be at the technological edge of energy industry in the development of the full spectrum of upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas and producing clean and green energy.

Our Vision

To become the most preferred partner in development and operation of the full spectrum of oil and gas industry in the targeted markets.

Our Mission

To develop, plan and execute projects with deep Singapore flavour of safety and management, alongside local and international partners bringing prosperity, growth and enhancing the value network to the targeted market and local populace.

Core Values

Do No Harm

Shared Prosperity and Penchant

Disruptive Innovation

TFI (Energy) Organization Structure