Project Management

  • Analysis of the Principal’s Strength and Weakness
  • Integrated Project Management Organization Setup
  • Strategy for high performance and cost effectiveness
  • Marketing Strategy and Development
  • Create Market Awareness at key nodes in the Country
  • Identify Suitable Business influences
  • Provide supervision and guidance for overall project execution
  • Provide guideline and strategy to fulfill the expectation of clients such as In-Country Value (ICV) Strategy and In-Country Capability (ICC) Growth
  • Identify and secure collaboration of respective subject matter experts and subcontractors to provide the support and to grow local in-country capabilities

Consultancy Services

  • Provision of Strategic Consultancies for Projects in areas of Internationalization of Businesses, Pre-Qualifications for Tender, Tender Participation, Project Undertaking, Project Financing and Project Partnering
  • Provision of Strategic Consultancies for Securing of Projects and Tender Competition
  • Development of Project Specifications, Project Deliverables and Local Support
  • Consultancy for Overseas Investments
  • Provision of Management Services for Local Follow-on Support and Sustainable Business Continuity

Master Planning

  • In partnership with a global urban, infrastructure and managed services consulting firm, with over 70 years of track record in successful project delivery, TFIPL provides master planning services in various industries such as
    • Town planning
    • Industrial Park
    • Oil and Gas Hub
    • Water Management Plan

Services and Solutions

In partnership with reputable industrial leaders in specific fields and institutions, TFIPL provide customized services and solutions.

  • Deep Ocean Water (DOW) and downstream applications
    • Premium drinking water and beverages
    • Deep ocean minerals
    • Agriculture and aquaculture utilizing DOW
  • Water treatment systems, desalination, per-treatment systems
    • Consultancy and design
    • One-stop solutions from design to implementation
  • Water management solutions
    • Smart urban flooding modelling system and services
    • Water resources conservation plans
  • Renewable energy solutions
    • Integrated solution design services for two or more renewable power sources, storage and distribution
  • Biomass Organic Plant
    • Design and consultancy services for biomass plant producing bio-gas, organic compost, and liquid fertilizer